Don Lemon

Don Lemon apparently asked Bill Cosby’s alleged victim why she didn’t bite his penis as a defense measure during their sexual encounter.

I don’t really have much to say about this specific interview, because I think Lemon’s question speaks for itself, and you can read into it how you want.  But, several years ago, it occurred to me how bad CNN was getting.  Poor journalism and a weird point of view.

Personally, I’m not really looking for a bias or slant on the news I receive.  I want facts, and I don’t want journalists to tell me how to feel about something; apparently, I’m in the minority, because loud-mouthed asshole preaching is all you really get in prime time cable news.  But I think mainstream news is much worse than it’s ever been, in terms of its failure to expose the truth, and its reporting on matters that ought to mean something to people.

I get it that Fox news occupies the mainstream conservative wing, and MSNBC supposedly occupies the left; but neither of these realities gives any justification for CNN to be as bad as it is.


Author: Tim...Stepping Out

Tim Stepping Out

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