Why I’m Not A Christian

If religion were not such an irrational collection of mumbo-jumbo, I’d probably still be a practicing Christian. It is appealing, you’ve got to admit, especially when you’re only told about the good parts as a kid. Christianity and heaven are built into your psyche from a very young age, and those delusions remain there long after it occurs to you that the whole damned thing is a collection of fairy tales concocted by primitive, small, mean-spirited, vindictive, sociopathic, schizophrenic assholes who were so narcissistic and concerned with human control, that they invented a God whose vengeful attributes perfectly mirrored their own. These stories were invented long before human beings understood how the cell works, or that the Earth revolved around the sun, or that they were descendants of ape-like creatures who emerged out of Africa hundreds of thousands of years earlier. These authors continue to enjoy perpetual reverence well-beyond that which they deserve, and their hallucinations were leveraged by land-hungry kings, exploited by a power-hungry church, and maintained through the millenia by celibate monks who lacked the intellectual honesty to toss those immoral texts in the trash where they belonged.

If there was even a sliver of reasonability in Christianity’s claims, I probably wouldn’t have rejected it; however, once you start investigating its claims with a skeptical mind, it’s pretty hard to take any of it seriously; moreover, with an investigative mind, it gets easier to understand why human beings are so inclined to such imaginative non-sense when you consider their default conditions and state of ignorance. It’s a scary proposition that we’re alone and this life is the only reward we get; it’s much more comfortable to imagine that the unending pain, suffering, and loss we must endure during life will be rewarded with perpetual infantilization, where our only responsibility would be to praise the lord, which is something most early Christians did during their lives, anyway.  Religion was indeed the perfect coping mechanism for an earlier age of humans

Christianity continues to inflict harm – from its discouragement of condom use to its brutalization of homosexuals to its radical attempts in government intervention throughout the world, Christianity’s fairy tales are continuously invoked to rationalize the pain and suffering it is so eager to inflict in the name of Jesus Christ.  That’s why I’m not a Christian.


Author: Tim...Stepping Out

Tim Stepping Out

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