Merry Little Mythmas

Jaclyn Glenn posted a fun parody of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” a few days ago, and it’s definitely worth watching.  The video delivers insight into the breadth of Ms. Glenn’s talent.

Reading the comments on the video, a lot of people talk about how Christmas was created in order to hijack Pagan rituals.  A lot of atheists also mention how themes in Christmas borrow from earlier historical figures, such as Horus, Dionysus, Krishna, Mercury, Romulus, Perseus, Buddha, Attis, Mithra, etc.

Apologists reply…umm….the way apologists reply.

Certainly Christianity hijacked earlier Pagan rituals.  Christ’s birthday (if he existed as a single person) could not have been on December 25, given the imagery and events described in the bible.

Likewise, Christianity borrowed from much earlier historical memes (the virgin mother, the crucifixion, turning water into wine, son of god, and rising from the dead).

Christmas also enjoys a tremendous commercialization, and the downstream impact is that it is virtually a lifesaver for the retail industry.  Many people, even Christians, find this abhorrent.

Although I see all these things as evidence leading to an undeniable conclusion that Christianity is untrue, I don’t think these arguments would do much to convince a moderate Christian.  Certainly they’re part of the suite of arguments, but I think that they’re the equivalent of playground monkey bars to a person who has already conditioned themselves to do the sort of intellectual gymnastics required for belief.


Author: Tim...Stepping Out

Tim Stepping Out

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