The Pope and His Donkeys

Pope Francis received 2 donkeys as a gift, and sometime after that, proclaimed that all God’s creatures go to heaven.

It’s been my experience that my favorite dog breed (Golden Retrievers) are superior to humans in almost all ways that matter. So, aside from my warm and fuzzies about my dogs’ positive prospects for ascent into heaven, the atheist in me can’t ignore the several absurdities.

First, when you flirt with anti-theism, it occurs to you that all of the pope’s “profound insight” into God’s nature is, in reality, just some guy making shit up. Millions of people cheer and hang on his words, but sorry Catholics, it’s all bullshit.

Second, it really is self-serving and narcissistic. I’ve never given the pope much thought, because I grew up in a Lutheran household, and a lot of Catholic rituals always seemed cultish, even when I was a Christian. With eyes open, the cult behavior is even more obvious.

I don’t know if people really believe the pope has a deeper and more personal relationship with god than everyone else, but if they do, its obvious to me why it’s so hard to deconvert people – if you can believe all this pope stuff, you can literally be convinced of anything.  Brainwashing is a powerful tool


Author: Tim...Stepping Out

Tim Stepping Out

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