An All Loving God?

I’ve mentioned before that, every single day, about 8,500 children under the age of 5 die from malnutrition-related death.

Isn’t that awful?

If I had the ability to stop every single one of these deaths, I would.  I think only the most cruel type of person would not.  As Tracie Harris put it once on Atheist Experience, a person would have to be a “freaking monster” not to do so.  If I had such powers to stop these deaths, I might also take the time to put an end to sex slavery, rape, child abuse, and a host of other misdeeds humans often commit.

Looking at it from another perspective, if I were a supernatural being who was all powerful and all knowing, and I refused to stop any of these horrors, I would consider the worship of me to be the worst sort of offense.

After all, who is more guilty?  The person who commits atrocities onto others, the governments that allow it, or the all powerful, all knowing, all loving being who not only created and endowed perpetrators to commit crimes, but also stands idly by and watches these horrors unfold?

The fact that “God’s servants” can be so tone deaf as to worship a God that permits such atrocities strikes me as ironic.

If I were their God, and I’d behaved as badly as he must have, given the indignities allowed, I’d send them straight to hell for reverence to such an evil deity as myself.  If a person can’t figure out that a God who allows 8500 babies to die everyday is not worth worshiping, then frankly, they’ve failed to use the one good tool they have to decipher between good and bad.

Of course, Yahweh, who quite happily condones baby-killing, allows sex slavery, and condones murder and genital mutilation (joyfully celebrated by Phil Robertson), would never allow such insolence.  We all know he has a temper, after all.  Hell, he even had to create rainbows in the sky, just to remind himself not to drown the entire world…again.  Oh, what a loving God they imagine.


Author: Tim...Stepping Out

Tim Stepping Out

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