Where Was Jesus Christ Invented? (Video)

I still insist I’m winding down on video creations, but I wanted to make one more to include my thoughts on where Christianity originated.


Author: Tim...Stepping Out

Tim Stepping Out

3 thoughts on “Where Was Jesus Christ Invented? (Video)”

  1. I vary from you in thinking Paul did exist, but we’re certainly on the same page in believing “Christianity” began in northern Syria/Turkey. This is supported by The Acts Seminar which states there was no church in Jerusalem. Selling a story to the diaspora (post 75 CE) desperate to hear some “good news” from their homeland must have been quite easy.


    1. The thing that keeps me thinking that Paul might have existed is that none of the “authentic” Paul letters (as far as I can tell) seem aware of Josephus, which might indeed suggest they were earlier than 75.

      In that respect, my backup hypothesis is that Paul was indeed the Samarian, Simon Magus, which fits in so many ways. Clearly, Simon Magus’ inner circle seems to have consisted of at least 2 other Samarians: Menander and Dositheos. Perhaps these 3 represent the origins, and with each of them going their own way, explain why Christianity became so diverse.

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      1. It’s possible. I tend to think there was no grand, or even minor, conspiracy, though. It makes sense to me that Paul was just an opportunist, a charlatan, who took advantage of people. “Jesus”was a metafictional device used by 1st Century Judean crisis cultists… and Paul overheard this one day, and got thinking. The seed, though, took, and then you have these varying schools of thought.


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