Inventing Jesus (Video)

An extended babbling of my current view on how Jesus was invented


Author: Tim...Stepping Out

Tim Stepping Out

5 thoughts on “Inventing Jesus (Video)”

  1. Just out of curiosity, have you read John Marco Allegro’s book “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” where he argues that Christianity started out as a mushroom (Amanita muscaria)-junkie cult? I do not buy the conclusion nor the entire premise but the idea of early Christians including docetic Gnostics using hallucinogenic substances to experience the divine pleroma is highly possible in my opinion, at least with some cults that are contrary to the orthodoxy of the church fathers.


    1. I have read that. The thing that blows my mind about Allegro is that he probably knew as much (or more) than anyone on earth about the Essenes, and that was his solution. I’ve read that Robert Eisenmann was a student (of some sort) of Allegro, but I’ve never taken the time to verify that.


  2. Hi Tim, awesome video. I’ve been reading a lot of Margaret Barker’s stuff too. Truly excellent.

    I’m curious, do you have any idea about the origins of the group, i.e. how far they go back? Were they part of the temple priesthood at any point, or just an esoteric group separated from the larger political system like the Essenes?


    1. It’s really hard to say. I do like the idea of a dispersed group of Jews who were holding onto a pre-Deuteronomic reform version of Judaism (ie pre-600BCE). The big if is that I’m not convinced the Deuteronomic reform is even historical…I suppose all we need to speculate is that the earliest Christians believed it was historical.

      Barker says they were part of the temple priesthood…probably a back-and-forth over hundreds of years.

      There must have been tremendous variety, considering we have the Jamesians and the Paulinists, and that the Paulinists were so diverse in their own rights. This is why I like the pre-Deuteronomists as the explanation, because it helps to explain the tremendous diversity, especially with Gnostic Christianity (and the Naassenes and Sethians, who were Gnostic, yet unaware of Paul).


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