One thought on “Jesus Myth Series: From Moses To Gnosticism”

  1. Not a comment about the video (I did watch it!).

    Just came across the old ichthys story on the weekend. We have a new pastor at the local church who is a straight down the line evangelical. He mentions the old story of Christians using the fish symbol as a secret code, ie one draws half the fish, the other completes it. So I start wondering about this anecdote, whether there is any history to it. Sure enough, the anecdote is quoted by Christians everywhere as a piece of history, but no one anywhere seems to have any historical testimony to this actual practice. I imagine someone once proposed the idea and it later became a ‘fact’.

    Nevertheless, the ichthys symbol is a curious symbol associated with early Christianity, and ties in perfectly with your ‘Queen of Heaven’ theory – maybe you knew this already?

    I note that the Apostle Peter is particularly associated with the fish by being known as the ‘Son of Jonah’.


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