About Me

I’m Tim, and I’m an atheist of the recently-deconverted variety.  I’m also a husband, dad, dog owner, computer programmer, database guru-of-sorts, low-carb aficionado, and a wannabe anthropologist.  The purpose of this blog is to share what I believe, and try to give some rational explanation for why I believe it, particularly in the area of faith and religion (and my lack of those things).

Lately, I’ve taken a particular interest in the idea that Jesus Christ never existed.  Though our contemporary story of Jesus is indeed a composite of multiple historical characters, Jesus – son of Mary and Joseph, collector of Apostles, and victim of Pontius Pilate, is not a historical character.

If time permits, I plan to write a book on this subject that will hopefully be accessible to people who are new to the subject, but still contains enough facts to paint a coherent picture as to why I think it’s more likely than not that Jesus is a mythical figure.

Below are a few of my favorite posts

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