The Christ Myth Theory

Below are some of my posts about pertinent facts, as they pertain to the Christ Myth Theory:

  1. Why I Do Not Believe Jesus Christ Existed
  2. The Queen of Heaven
  3. Who Were The Earliest Christians?
  4. Jesus Or The Christ?
  5. Did The Earliest Christians Believe Jesus Christ Existed?
  6. Diversity in Early Christianity
  7. Theudas and His Problem
  8. John and The Mother of Jesus
  9. Christian Evolution Model
  10. Paul and The Paraclete
  11. The Out-Of-Turkey Theory
  12. Can We Know Who Wrote The Gospels?
  13. Josephus’ Influence on The New Testament
  14. Jesus Christ and Jesus ben Ananias
  15. The Cerinthus-Peter Connection

  16. Did Christianity Begin As A John The Baptist Cult?
  17. Christianity: A Martyr Cult
  18. The Apostle Paul Was Simon of Cyrene
  19. John The Baptist Was Theudas (Video)
  20. The Brother of The Lord (Video)
  21. The Chronological Order Of The Gospels (Video)
  22. Jesus And The Heavenly Man Of Light
  23. Magic and Early Christianity
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